Horizon WES Builds the Bridges to Your Islands of Automation

The new Horizon™ WES software’s Automation Module allows organizations to rapidly deploy best of breed automation for your specific requirements without worrying about different systems not communicating, performing, and executing properly. The Automation Module utilizes its flexible Java based programming and WEB based user interface to seamlessly integrate new forms of automation with existing legacy systems.

From autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) to sortation systems to WCS, WMS, and ERP systems, Horizon WES provides the means to integrate seamlessly while filling in the gaps of missing functionality. Whether the missing functionality is based on manufacturer gaps or end user specific requirements, Horizon WES becomes the mortar to integrate each block of automation to create your high performing system.

“With organizations scrambling to utilize today’s automated solutions to improve their labor, space, and throughput KPIs, the manufacturers of this automation have software which often leaves functionality, communications, and performance gaps that are left for the end user to resolve with their IT groups,” says Tim Krisher, VP Sales, at New Dawn.“ Likewise, future system additions, modifications, and upgrades can become problematic. New Dawn’s Horizon Automation Module is modular making future changes easy to accomplish,” he stated.

Manufacturers are designing their new technology hardware systems and as soon as they are mechanically and electrically ready, they release them to market often with a minimum of software to generate revenue. The plan is always to go back and backfill customer requirements, but that doesn’t help organizations who are early adapters. This is one of the ways Horizon WES fills in the functional gaps.

Most organizations have embedded processes and procedures dedicated to hitting their required KPIs and being able to customize the WES to help meet and surpass these requirements become simple, unlike trying to modify your WMS. The Horizon flexibility is in the DNA with hundreds of parameters designed to allow the software to be configured to specific customer’s requirements and not customization and minimize code changes.

The goal is for WES to provide real time information to the user, handle communications between the host system, all ancillary software, and controls systems. Horizon WES was designed from the ground up with flexibility in mind.

About New Dawn Supply Chain WES Software

New Dawn and its Horizon™ Warehouse Execution Systems (WES) software provides organizations to uniquely increase their operations and business efficiencies by being able to control your own future by being able to rapidly implement, grow and modify. From its modular design to its integrated emulators, Vizio based system design tools, core coding every project/site, and being able to utilize virtually all manufacturers technologies are a few of the unique features and benefits that allow our clients to thrive and succeed.