WES 1 Million Transaction Testing

WES 1 million transaction testing


WES 1 Million Transaction Testing is completed on New Dawn’s Horizon Warehouse Execution Systems (WES) software, prior to every installation. Every customer site is tested with over WES 1 million transaction testing to improve every facility’s performance, reliability, and speed.

The Horizon WES utilizes its integrated emulators to complete a WES 1 Million Transaction Testing, for every customer’s site and application. The emulators mimic the hardware systems external devices (PLCs, scanners, sensors, etc.,), to detect long term fatal flaws such as database creep and memory leaks, etc.

WES 1 Million Transaction Testing

Since every application has its own unique collection of external devices, it is vital to utilize emulation to flush out potential issues before setting a foot on site. The true modular design of Horizon allows coding for every project to be rock solid, 100% supportable and not subject to specific project modifications, changes and anomalies historically found in warehouse software. Likewise, Horizon’s code is designed to be highly configurable with hundreds of options rather than customized and hard coded.

“Horizon is designed to be ‘Ready to Run,’ and by completing our rigorous 1M Transaction Test prior to deployment, on every installation, we can improve the system’s performance, dramatically reduce the implementation timeline, and impact to our customers resources,” says Kory Savage, New Dawn CTO.

By utilizing Horizon’s Design Studio and integrated emulators, organizations can run system scenarios such as hardware system modifications, increasing capacity, SKU growth, modifying delivery schedules, timelines, and much more. This functionality is now available to the end users in their Horizon WES software. Historically, this would have been a paid service provided only by the software development company.

About New Dawn Supply Chain

New Dawn and its Horizon™ Warehouse Execution Systems (WES) software provides organizations to uniquely increase their operations and business efficiencies by being able to control their own future by being able to rapidly implement, grow and modify. From its modular design to its integrated emulators, Vizio based system design tools, core coding every project/site, and being able to utilize virtually all manufacturers technologies are a few of the unique features and benefits that allow our clients to thrive and succeed.