Supply Chain Software Consulting

New Dawn Supply Chain’s goal is to make it easy for clients to extract the most efficiency out of their new or existing warehouse logistics program. Our process guides clients from defining their unique needs to executing their successful result while keeping lines of communication open and leveraging our extensive industry experience to develop software solutions that are a cut above what’s available today.

Scope Definition

New Dawn Supply Chain works closely with our clients when defining the software scope, ensuring that all requirements are documented and the deliverable is what is needed for the client to run the system efficiently.

Project Update Meetings

Through regular project update meetings, New Dawn Supply Chain ensures that the software team remains on schedule and within the parameters of the agreed scope. This offers the opportunity to identify new issues as they present themselves within the development process and address them in a timely fashion.

Factory Acceptance Testing

Testing at the developer’s office to ensure the software meets the agreed scope and is battle tested. This shakes out software bugs before they have a chance to effect startup or impact production.


New software startup is crucial, and New Dawn Supply Chain is hands-on when working with clients to develop an acceptance test plan. This ensures that adequate training is performed for end users, and that the user guides that are developed are up to date and provide the user with the information they need to efficiently run the system.


New Dawn Supply Chain works with clients to develop the acceptance punch list and performs regular status updates throughout the acceptance process.