Our Approach

At New Dawn Supply Chain, our focus is on productized, ready-to-run software.

The heart of our software is a productized foundation. At New Dawn our software solutions are not an individually scratch- built recipes, nor patchworks of code segments from previous solutions, but are thoughtfully designed and developed utilizing its comprehensive suite of software built from the ground up by some of the industry’s best minds. Our approach is to make the configuration and installation of our software painless and easy, ensuring a consistent and pleasant experience when installing in your environment. What this means for you is that your installation is not tethered to just one software engineer who knows all of its secrets, but to our entire team.

The New Dawn software, having gone through extensive emulation testing arrives on site “ready-to-run”. If the mechanical, electrical, and network components are ready, we can typically run test orders the day after arriving on site for standard installs. This not only allows for quick and easy startup, but it enables our engineers to concentrate their efforts on user training in a live production environment.


New Dawn conducts extensive real-world emulation before ever dispatching software into the field. Our emulation environment mimics the exact device interface formats that our WES will communicate with in the real world, to ensure that the software is configured exactly as it will be at startup. This allows our engineers to fully test the software at rates far exceeding what will be required for actual production. As a result, New Dawn can logically run millions of emulated test orders through the system and monitor the results to insure the system is performing as designed. During emulation, all User Interface screens are updated in real time, divert confirmations are recorded, and the results are analyzed exactly as they would be in the production environment.

This is the end of development in the field. No longer are there 4-6 programmers closeted in a conference room doing last minute programming changes on-site.

In addition, New Dawn can provide the customer with the emulator package that was built for their system. This fully functional test system can be used to test future changes or train new associates – dramatically reducing the risk of errors possible in a live production environment.

New Dawn also archives a fully configured Virtual Machine of your system. This means if change orders are needed, or if there are issues that our engineers need to address, your system can be reproduced in our controlled environment with the click of a button, ensuring your system can be up and running and our engineers working on and testing the solution within minutes.