NexGen WES Emulation and Configurability

Why Using WES Emulation is the Key:

• Typically, the 1st test of a WES system as a unit is at go live using real product. This is time consuming and limited in scope. This also draws heavily on customer resources
• This is also the time when the users are first seeing the system. As such the last thing you want the work force to see is the system fail.
• Testing in the field is a series of failures and corrections until the system is operational.
• True emulation mimics all external devices (PLC, scanners, external systems, etc.
• A good emulator lets you test the system at many times actual production speed. This allows the development team to evaluate the system without inconveniencing the customer.
• This allows long term issues to be detected in the lab. Issues such as database creep, and memory leaks.